Hello World


Slate Kit comes with a command line project generation tool which is available below. You can create a new app quickly using the commands below.

Hello World

The Slate Kit application leverages several of the utilities to provide a pre-built standalone application with support for command line args, environments, confs, logging, help usage and more. This is just 1 type of project you can create.

    slatekit new app -name="Sample1" -package="mycompany.apps"


You can create several different project types using the generator.

    slatekit new app -name="MyApp1" -package="company1.apps"
    slatekit new api -name="MyAPI1" -package="company1.apis"
    slatekit new cli -name="MyCLI1" -package="company1.apps"
    slatekit new env -name="MyApp2" -package="company1.apps"
    slatekit new job -name="MyJob1" -package="company1.jobs"
    slatekit new lib -name="MyLib1" -package="company1.libs"
    slatekit new orm -name="MyApp3" -package="company1.data"