Slate Kit is in active development. As of January 2020, it is very stable and 1.0.0 versions of components will be released in the upcoming weeks.


In January 2020, stable 1.0.0 releases will be available of several Slate Kit architecture components. You can check the current releases at Releases


Summary and status of all components available in Slate Kit.

Component Docs Version Target Status License About
Results Android / Server Stable Successes / Failure Modeling
App Server Stable Runnable App Template
API Server Beta Universal APIs
CLI Server Stable Command Line Interface
Cache Android / Server Beta Caching library
Context Android / Server Stable Container library
Entities Android / Server Beta SQL / Data library
Email Server Stable Email library
Files Server Stable Cloud Files library
Generator Android / Server Beta Project generator
Jobs Android / Server Beta Background jobs/queues
Queues Server Stable Cloud Queues library
SMS Server Stable SMS library
Tracking Android / Server Beta Diagnostics related library
Utilities Android / Server Beta Utility Components


Upcoming developments and features

Item Type Desc
1 Build Automated linting via ktlint / Travis CI/CD improvements
2 Releases 1.0.0 releases of components (App, CLI, Cache, Jobs, etc)
3 Docker Docker integration in gradle builds/projet templates
4 Generator Project generator improvements
5 Multi-Platform Project improvements to support Kotlin Multi-Platform iOS and Javascript