Dual License

Slate Kit has a unique Dual License approach using BSL (Business Source License) and Apache 2.0 using the Additional Use Grants parameter of the BSL. This is a reletively new approach and license that we are trying out and we plan to improve on this dual licensing approach in time. Currently, we are allowing this software to be used as Apache 2.0 immediately for the groups / usage listed below and for the foreseeable future.

Apache 2.0

This is effectively Apache 2.0 for the following groups and usage

Non-Profits Non-Profit institutions ( .org )
EducationalEducational institutions ( .edu )
StartupsSame as Commercial ( see below )
PersonalPersonal projects for non-commercial use
CommericalMust NOT be a Cloud Provider company and/or used for building Cloud-Provider infrastructure ( such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc )

BSL 1.1

For Cloud-Providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc, this is a BSL license. It can not be used for production usage without obtaining a license.

Change Date Jan 1, 2024 - Converts to Apache 2.0 on Jan 1, 2024
Change LicenseApache 2.0 - Type of license this BSL will convert to
Additional Use GrantsApache 2.0 license granted immediately for groups and usage listed above


1. BSL is a relatively new license type.
2. BSL is technically NOT an open-source license but rather source available
3. BSL has parameters Change Date | Change License | Additional Use Grants that convert it to open source
4. BSL Additional Use Grant is used to grant additional rights ( we are using this broadly to provide Apache 2.0 licensing rights above )