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Area Description More
Setup Trouble with setup more
- What are the dependencies more
Starting How do I get started? more
- What does the Slate Kit CLI tool do? more
Modules What are all the modules available more
- Which modules are for server side more
- Which modules are for android more
- What are the dependencies of each module more
Help How do I get help? more
- How do I submit an idea or issue? more
- How do I get updates? more


1. How to get help?

Check the Contact page for details. You can reach us on Git, Gitter for discussions, and Twitter. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

2. How to submit ideas/issues?

Log any issues on Git Issues. There are issue templates for bugs/features.

3. How to get updates?

Follow us on twitter ( link on Contact page ) and check the Updates page.