Feel free to contact us using all the various channels below! We put a lot of effort on guides, concepts and general documentation, but it is still actively improving as we move along. See our release cycle below for the scheduled releases of Slate Kit. We are considering adding premium support ( see below ) in the future.

See all the source code and modules Git / Slate Kit

Follow updates Twitter @slatekit

Log your issues Git / Issues

Discuss and join conversations Git Discussions

You can contact us at

Join our (upcoming) conference calls. Schedule is TBD


Releases occur roughly every 2 weeks to 1 month for planned releases and uses Semantic Versioning in format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

Type Cycle Version Note(s)
Hot-Fix On Demand 2.0.2 For critical issues
Patches ~ 2 Weeks 2.0.3 For planned bug-fixes. Roughly every 2 weeks or as needed
Minor ~ 1 Month 2.1.0 For small or moderate changes and/or new features.
Major ~ 3 Months 3.0.0 For major releases with new features and potentially breaking changes/ redesigns


We prioritize issues/tickets so they fall into one of the release schedules listed above ( e.g. hot-fixes, patches, minor features, major upgrades). However, we may open up some type of premium/paid service expedited features, enhancements and or fixes. This is still TBD(to be determined). Please contact us for more info if you are interested in premium support.


Join our discuss Slate Kit, ask questions on our Gitter / Slate Kit channel. Please note, we may not be available to respond back immediately, but we will review the channel and respond as soon as we can.


In the near future, a short and free 1-2 hour conference call will be scheduled after work hours on a date/time ( to be determined ) for anyone who is interested in using Slate Kit. You can use this opportunity to talk to us live and ask questions. The schedule / details will be posted here and on our gitter channel ( check back soon ).