User creation and management. You can setup email, phone, device configuration options. Multiple fields are available and you can also customize as necessary.


Mobile device registration and management. This feature allows linking of Users to their devices and is used to support push notifications and messages.


A registration system for Users and devices. You can setup various verification modes such as email, phone, or mobile device verification.


Save settings for server side components and / or store user settings. Designed for flexibility. Grouping of settings by service and/or user is possible.


Tasks for background processing can be configured on the server. This feature allows you to start, stop, pause, resume and get a status on the tasks.


Allows users of your app to request invitations. You can then then approve to convert them to actual users. Useful for scaling and user growth.


Error logs can be stored in a table on the server but you can customize this to implement / use external logging provider such as new relic, loggly, logstash.


Provides a consistent approach to tracking the status of any of your servers, tasks and resources. You update the status entries for named resources.


Use the auditing service to listen for / store any important actions taking place in your system. This gives you a history of important events taking place.



Embeddable Mobile / Web Features

about The slatekit.ext project contains all these components
package slatekit.ext
jar slatekit.ext.jar
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url Extensions
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  • slatekit.common
  • slatekit.core
  • slatekit.entities
  • slatekit.api
  • aws-sdk
  • These features are very common for most web and mobile apps
  • These features are implemented as modules. Each module has a model, api, service and module definition.
  • Each feature can be embedded into a Slate Server as a Web Api
  • Each feature can be embedded into a Slate Shell for command line access
  • You can also use these features outside of the Slate Kit

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